2017 = DEAD. January is almost over, so it's time for the Termbo Year End wrap up stuff. Every year when I do this I just copy the formatting from last year's pages and throw in all the new text. So I have to see what I wrote here last year and come up with a new spiel - but does it ever really change? I probably produced less content in 2017 than I did in 2016, and 2016 was a new low in timely updates. I wish I could say these past 12 months were as productive as I had hoped they'd be when I wrote what I did for 2016's intro. Things didnt exactly turn out like I wanted, but I'm trying to deal with that. Time moves fast, and I've found it speeds up even more the older you get (or is that me slowing down?). You need to have your game on point when you decide to take on a ton of projects and hope to even have a slim chance of finishing them all. As you've come to learn, I have not had my shit on point for the past few years (but have I ever?) and that's all my own doing. Are things going to change? I hope so and I'm going to keep trying. I won't give you a list of things Termbo is gonna do in 2018, or how I think I've finally come up with yet another system to make things easier for me to keep the site updated more often. I'm just going to try and do better. Promise. When I first started up Termbo 14 years ago I had no thoughts of how long it would last - no that's not true, I actually figured I would just ride out the year of web service I paid for and then slink away, because I was convinced no one was going to give a shit. Thankfully I was wrong about that part, but I had no idea how big of a part of my life all this would become. And that's why I'll try and continue doing it - I don't think things are done just yet for some reason. So yeah, Termbo's Not Dead yet. In closing, thanks as always to all the readers and lurkers out there, thanks to everyone still using the Termboard, thanks to all the labels/bands for being good sports, and thanks to the staff for hanging in there as well. All questions, comments and requests can go to termibore-at-aol.com. Thanks again, everyone.


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