Welllll, we’re back. What we have here is one of the best interviews I’ve had the good fortune to be able to publish on Termbo, an intimate chat with Byron Coley, certainly a legend around the TB household and I’m sure you feel the same way if you’re here reading this. This interview was done by our friend Julien for our other friend Alex’s zine Psycho Disco. It appears in issue #3 which is available now, but the catch is that the zine is in French – so these guys were gracious enough to let us put out this translated version for all of us English speakers to enjoy. So thanks very much for that, go and get the zine here (it also has an article in it by yours truly, which is how I got involved with poaching this from them). Please enjoy and give some thought to some of the topics discussed here – as our world keeps rapidly changing while we speed further and further into the future, it’s easy to overlook how the things we love and take for granted are transforming. Music is the glue that holds this thing together, but how we find it, think about it, write about it, feel about it is constantly evolving – how we are (or aren’t) adapting to these shifts is something I think we all need to be more aware of. So, aside from being stoked to have this awesome interview up, I’m also buying another week to cram some more reviews in. We’ll see you shortly with those. Thank you.


January’s almost over, must be time for the Editor to crank up the mainframe and post the 2017 Year End Wrap Up from the staff. Hell of a year, huh? There’s not much to ramble on about that I don’t cover in the intro, but lets just sum it up and say Termbo will live again into 2018 and possibly beyond and the editor is trying his hardest to make it all work better. We’ll see what happens, but I can tell you that those long awaited reviews are coming very soon as well as some interviews we have stacked up as well. Hope you find something of interest in these pages (I know I did – how did I miss that Heron Oblivion LP?!?!?) and remember there is ALWAYS good new music out there if you take the time to look around. Thanks as always to all the readers and lurkers out there, thanks to everyone still using the Termboard, thanks to all the labels/bands for sending us stuff and not surrounding Termbo HQ like those villagers did to Frankenstein, and thanks to the staff for hanging in there with me. I’m really trying, I swear. We’ll be back soon.


Hey! So, yeah, we’re still here. Back from our little “break”…honestly, summer is over, fall is gone, time to retreat back into the Termbo bunker and wait out the winter. We plan on passing the time by getting the reviews updated ASAP and catching up one some interviews we’ve had come through the office. Here’s the first, a chat with Mets fan, record mogul and all around great guy Gerard Cosloy. Gerard had a quite informative discussion with our pal Ryan Leach about the state of the music biz, GG Allin and Conflict (the zine not the band), three things I think we all love. I hope you enjoy it. I know I did. On deck we have reviews, reviews, more reviews, probably some Best of 2017 type stuff and an interview with Byron Coley. Not necessarily in that order. Thanks for sticking around. And if anyone want to give the gift of The People’s Format for the holiday, head over to the Loki Label who should have some new stuff out soon. See you real soon.


Hey everyone. So, 2016, huh? Yeah. Well here is the 2016 recap from the Termbo staff. We like to wait it out so people have something to read in early February. Read on for more, but let me just say again, I’m deeply disappointed in myself for the lack of Termbo updates in 2016. Even if it couldn’t really be helped, it’s something that weighs on me. Termbo can be best described as my “hobby”, one that I love very much. However the time it requires and deserves is something that has become harder and harder to come by. I vow to improve and apologize for letting our audience down. 2017 can only be better. The one bad bit of news is that all the reviews that were supposed to be posted with this update will have to wait a few more days. There’s a lot of them, trust me, and it will get us slightly caught up to begin the 2017 season. The one bit of good news: the SHORT EYES tour diary/cassette is also available via The Loki Label as of today, as a special Valentine’s Day wish. Thanks to all involved for making it happen. I’m hoping everyone finds something of interest in our recap – as it was certainly an interesting in year in many ways. I’m also hopeful I can make 2017 a better year for Termbo – thanks to bands/labels for review materials and patience, thanks to all the staff, thank to the readers and lurkers and thanks to everyone on the Termboard. And anyone interested in helping with Termbo should reach out – we need you now more than ever – be back soon –
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So, the Termbo mainframe has been repaired and moved to a new server, much thanks to Eric over at Windian Records for helping us out. The message board and this blog are once again firing on all cylinders. We have some updates ready, starting with this interview with the legendary Don Howland from our pal Ryan. It’s pretty in depth, thanks to Ryan and if you want to read more of his work go and grab his collection Bored Out via his label/store Spacecase Records. You won’t be disappointed. On the reviews front, we have a pile of LP/7″ reviews ready to go, Termbo print zine #4 is hopefully going to be ready for Christmas and year end wrap-ups shortly after that. And more….see you soon and thanks.


With the distractions of summer now becoming a pleasantly hazy memory this Labor Day Weekend, the Editor has finally taken some time away from gardening (i.e. turning on the sprinkler and drinking beer) to get together the latest round of cassette/demo reviews for your perusal. It was a large batch this time (as usual) and we thank everyone involved for suffering our procrastination (again, all the editor’s fault). When reviewing tapes, there always seems to be more than a few that get a listen and put aside without much in the way of words (i.e. not good, not pertinent to Termbo-related aesthetics, “blazingly mediocre”, etc..) and a few we of course just missed because we have to stop adding to the pile at some point. Anyway, let us know if you feel slighted, we apologize in advance. On top of this we have a large (very large) heap of record reviews coming posthaste, a section of zine reviews (which we will attempt to include some more tape reviews with) and Termbo #4 is nearing the print stage very shortly. Please stay tuned and thanks for hanging in there. Also of note is an update at the Loki Label store, with cool stuff left over from Lokifest 2 (thanks everyone who played, helped and came out to make it a great success) and new releases from Grady Runyan and Meat Thump. ‘Nuf Sed, Excelsior! and all that, we’ll be back soon –



In keeping with this month’s In the Red Records theme, here’s the third round of Termbo vs. Larry Hardy. This time Larry faces off against Ryan Leach, after taking on the editor and Todd Trickknee in past bouts. All reports from the ITR 25th Anniversary shows have been glowing, and we’re happy that the celebration of what is perhaps the greatest “underground” label of the modern era went smashingly well. We’ll be back with those tape reviews in a minute. And everyone should watch the Spacecase Records page for info on Ryan’s upcoming interviews collection ‘Bored Out’ which will teach you plenty about the Gun Club and Jeffrey Lee, The Consumers, Memphis punk and more.

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In case you are not aware, Maximum Rocknroll is currently working on a mind-blowing archival project, and they could use our help. Our very own Dave Hyde spoke with coordinators Grace and Shivaun about what the project encompasses, what the future plans for the archives are and got us a peek and some of the rarities housed at the compound. Dive in and then go and donate! We’ll be back soon with tape reviews…



What we have here is an interview with KJEHL JOHANSEN of Urinals, 100 Flowers, Trotsky Icepick and much more. Please get into it here. Thanks Ryan! We’ll have those interviews up shortly and some more interviews as well. As always, contact us if you have content/ideas = – also of note, two new releases available at the Loki Label shop: Mordecai “Live! 2012-2014” and the Deutschland Jerky Rave EP. Go shopping here, Termbo zines still available as well.

2015 = DEAD

Woah, what day is it? Early February? Shit, must be time to put up our Best of 2015 lists then! Better a little late than never. Plus, we like to take the necessary time to make sure all votes are counted accurately and make sure ample thought is given when considering late December releases. I mean, who publishes their Best of 2015 list in December? The year’s not even over. And for further justification of my tardiness in posting, I’ll add that we like to publish a bit later into the year so we don’t get lost in all the other lists in January. Right. So, thanks to all the staff who contributed, and thanks to all the readers, lurkers, bands and labels who participated. I know we’re waaaaay behind on reviews right now, but I will have us caught up shortly, with the review staff working overtime as we speak. Another poor excuse for these going up later than usual was gluing and stapling my fingers together on the latest print issues of the Termbo zine (#3 and Early Years #3), both of which are still available over at the Loki storefront. I hope you find these lists useful and perhaps catch some releases you might have missed out on in 2015 – back soon with reviews, and if anyone wants to help/contribute reach out to….

2015 Pile Up