Hard to believe it’s been 25 years since ITR-1001 was released – harder to believe I’ve been listening to records Larry has released for just about that long as well. And being honest, In the Red is one of the major reasons why Terminal Boredom exists today. Very few labels have that sort of lasting impact and become the standard-bearers of the underground for such a long time. All the big names from the past two decades have passed through the label at some point: Cheater Slicks, Bassholes, Country Teasers, Black Lips, Jay Reatard, Lost Sounds, Gories, Oblivians, Black Time, Dirtbombs, Deadly Snakes, Reigning Sound…Everybody has their favorites, and our old pal Rob took up the challenge to give us a recap of his 25 years worth of memories via the label. Read it all right here and then think about your own. Going through Rob’s list I was reminded of at least 25 pivotal musical moments in my history that were due to Larry and In the Red. So, with the 25th Anniversary shows happening this week, we thank you Larry for all that you’ve done for us. I hope everyone has a good time out there, and wish I could be with you…

And since I couldn’t resist throwing something in, here’s the first 7″ I remember buying on ITR (and still my favorite Bassholes tune):


Hello hello. Here we have for you a wonderful interview that Ryan did with Marcia Clifton – drummer of the legendary Klitz and part of the incredible 70’s Memphis underground scene – Chilton, Panther Burns, Ross Johnson, Jim Dickinson, etc…check it out and follow the links for further course materials. We’ll be back soon with tape reviews and such…and go support the MRR Archival Project



Hey now. We’re thrilled to present to you the latest installment of Dave Hyde’s CHEAP REWARDS column, this time dealing with Lehigh Valley’s legendary Several Species! Very timely considering the release of the “Destroy All Art” LP, ushering in the next wave of KBD-esque compilations. The 90s were so long ago…We will be back (very) soon with a big heap of record reviews (and perhaps our breakdown of aforementioned comp, but we’re still comparing notes here at HQ), the definitive interview with Montana’s Mordecai and then the tapes/demos review section, all before summer hits full swing if things go our way. Two closing items: Termbo is looking for contributors to both the online and print versions of the mag – we need interviews, columnists, features/articles, Garbage Can candidates and might have a spot open on the review staff if someone is serious about doing it. Contact the editor at termibore-at-aol.com. Also, Termbo print editions are still available via our comrades over at The Loki Label. See you soon and thanks for reading/looking/dropping by.



I. Tape Delay//Demo Zone reviews for the Fall season are complete and available for perusal here. Record reviews are on deck, hopefully ready for you to enjoy over the Thanksgiving holiday.


II. GARBAGE CAN! People are really stepping up to the can this year. Here’s the latest installment from our pals Sketchy Nick & Biff, in which they take on a selection of tapes and singles and talk about gribnage. We currently have another can installment brewing down South which should be ready soon.


III. On the interviews front, the latest is with Chicago’s NONES done by our Midwest correspondent Troy. Check out the Nones LP on Hozac, it’s worth your time. On deck: the definitive Mordecai story.


IV. In a shocking development, our print department has finally finished TERMBO #1, hopefully the first of many (or at least a couple) issues. All exclusive content, including JIMBO EASTER, FNU RONNIES, WHITE LOAD, BLACK FLAG, FOLDED SHIRT, films, poetry and records. There’s also a limited package that includes a TERMBO: THE EARLY YEARS zine reprinting some of the early TB interviews for bathroom reading/reminiscing. Jay Reatard, Ryan Rousseau, Alicja Trout, Shane White, Black Time, Armitage Shanks and more with some new commentary and a Statics article from the old Rip Off Records site. It’s thick and was a pain in the ass to assemble so we only made a few. Future versions of this sort of thing might happen as well. It’s all for sale via our friends over at THE LOKI LABEL, where you can also purchase their tapes and other odds and ends (including the last copies of the Giorgio Murderer live tape special edition, last copies of the first press of the latest from COUNTER INTUITS, last copies of the SECRETS IN WELSH zine…).


That’s all for now. Anyone wishing to contribute to Termbo online or in print should contact the editor: termibore-at-aol.com.


Happy Labor Day weekend everyone! And speaking of (hard) labor, our success with the Garbage Can just keeps rolling on. And this time we have what might be the most phenomenal Can of all-time, from the razor sharp mind of our dear friend Theresa “Hillside Wrangler” Smith. Just take a look at this and have your mind blown. This sets the bar rather high for future installments, so anyone who wants to play better be prepared to step up their game. Heaps of thanks to Theresa for surely frying some synapses permanently in the pursuit of reviewing bad records for your entertainment. You can find her elsewhere on the web in places like this and this and also on stage with Homeblitz and Ballroom. One of the good ones, for sure.

Coming real soon:




Finally, a brand new GARBAGE CAN has been completed, this time by our pal Levon from Canadian goth-rockers (I kid…) SEX CHURCH. Firstly, I think people should know Sex Church are supposedly recording their next LP as we speak, so you have that to look forward to. Secondly, I’d like to personally congratulate Levon for being the only man to complete the Garbage Can in almost four years (the last being our buddy Black Mike), and quite a few have tried. I’d estimate we have about a .225 or so average when it comes to The Can, so if you’d like to help us get a bit further above the Mendoza Line, please drop the editor a line. Serious inquiries only, but we need the help, as the garbage pile never ends. There’s currently one out on assignment right now which I have high hopes for (so if you’re reading this – you know who you are – get cracking with those pie charts and visual aids). While you’re distracted thinking about garbage, we’re going to finish editing a HUGE reviews section, plus some Printed Matter and a Demo Zone. Be back real soon.


We hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day and all, but now it’s time to start clearing the desk off here at HQ. Today we have Rob’s long overdue TV AS EYES tribute column to the late Mike Vraney of Something Weird Video. I think it’s a wonderful tribute that I wish I would’ve posted sooner. I think Mike touched most of our lives via his video company and his dedication to digging up the finest in B/exploitation/horror and whatever other genre you want to throw in there. Go buy something, I hear Basket Case is on Blu-Ray now and the HG Lewis doc is killer…. More site updates this week, including New Zealand rock coverage, the return of the Garbage Can and more reviews in our ongoing effort get us current. Thanks everyone, we’ll be back soon!