Jad and Daniel

Today’s feature: a fresh installment of Terminal Boredom Theater courtesy of Sarah Janet, regarding Jeff Feuerzeig’s documentaries “The Devil and Daniel Johnston” and “Half Japanese: The Band That Would Be King”. If you haven’t seen both of them yet, you really need to join Netflix or something. Thanks to Sarah for putting up with the editor’s delay (pretty soon I’ll be able to stop using this disclaimer in every post) and for adding a needed touch of class to balance the usual record geek ramblings of the male staff members. Go here now and read.

Be back soon with the long awaited part two to the TB Guide to GG Allin I know you’re all dying to see. And some reviews after that. Happy Halloween.


Young Martyr by Gary Floyd

Okay then. Pain in the Big Neck III = mission accomplished. Thanks to all the bands who played and everyone who came out and especially to Bart Hart. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves.

Back to Termbo business. Here’s a brief interview I did with Gary Floyd earlier this year. It was nice to have a chance to chat with the man behind one of my all-time favorite bands. The internet makes some pretty cool things happen sometimes. Now, someone please find the masters for ‘Kill From the Heart’. Go here.

We’ll be back sooner than later. I have some older content waiting for release still kicking around, we’re compiling a new reviews section as we speak and the long awaited Part II to the Guide to GG Allin is cooking on the front burner of the TB stove. And once again, if anyone is interested in contributing, drop the editor a line at termibore-at-aol-dot-com. We’re always hiring.


Pissed Jeans - Live set during recess at Hoover Middle School

Here we have an interview with Matt and Brad of Pissed Jeans that took place over the course of the past year or so. It’s another item that has been marinating on the TB “to do” shelf for quite some time. Please enjoy and I hope you find these guys as cordial, interesting and funny as I did. Go see them live at all costs and buy multiple copies of all their records. Here you go.

That’s all until next week when we get back at you with some more columns, interviews and reviews I’ve been letting collect cobwebs around here. Thanks everyone for sticking with us through this difficult year at TB HQ, hopefully we’ll be all caught up soon. Off to Pain in the Big Neck III, hope to see some of you there….



Here’s the “latest” from Matt Coppens and his “Can’t Stand the Midwest” column. “Latest” in that I’ve been sitting on this one for a while, so I apologize to Mr. Coppens and his fans. Here we get a bit of prose and some record reviews from the man who seethes hate from his very pores. ENJOY.

I’m going to try and sneak one last article in this week before TB HQ closes its doors for the weekend and the Pain In The Nig Neck III festival right here in sunny Buffalo, NY featuring some bands you might have heard of…


Here are those long-awaited reissue/old stuff reviews I’ve been teasing for the past week or month or whatever. Heavy contributions from Mr. Mike Sniper as always and some hot stuff from newest TB collaborator Collin M., along with some solo shots from some other TB staff. Deep psych, foreign rock, reggae/dub, ye olde punk rock, power-pop, Vinyl On Demand, Shadoks, you got it all right here!