Here’s a quick little reviews update of some demos and tape-only releases we’ve had the pleasure of receiving somewhat recently. We have no problem giving demo discs a spin and are really enjoying what seems to be a mini-revival of cassette releases. TB HQ is valiantly fighting to stay on top of reviewable materials here. We’re swamped. It’s great. Keep sending stuff. A full-fledged new releases reviews section is right around the corner (again), plus more Termbro columns and interview action on the summer horizon. Be back very soon…here’s the link for the reviews.



Finaaly got some reviews finished, this time of the old stuff variety, including the new Mission of Burma 2XLPs, Neutral Spirits, Hellhammer, Iron Virgin, LSOK, Tactics, Solvent Abuse, Scott Walker and much more, including Prof. Sniper’s African Music Reissues Round-Up. Contributions from Snipes, Hyde, Gaffney, Boyle, the Editor, Steve-O, all very much appreciated, our pal Collin slacked off on this one a bit, a little disappointing, yes, as Collin’s reviews are always my favorite part of a Reish Reviews section. He’s been given a verbal warning. Lots of good stuff here, we’ll be back with some new release reviews very shortly, including an all demos/cassettes section plus a huge backlog of LP reviews and perhaps the return of Mindless Contentment, the editor’s old Blank Generation column which I’m sure none of you remember. Plenty of interviews in the works, including one with Rich of Florida’s Dying that just needs to be laid out, which will be the first of a series of profiles on regional labels/scenes. Lars is in Europe right now formulating the next Intelligence vs. interview. Plus, we have some top secret super surprises coming up which will be blowing your mind this summer if all goes to plan. So you’ve got that going for you. Which is nice. Oh, check those reviews out here.

And as usual, if anyone want to write/review for TB, please contact the editor via the contacts link on the sidebar. I’ve had a few applications submitted, but nothing firm yet. I know there are some good writers out there, don’t be scared, we’re actually very nice here at TB HQ and can offer a nice benefits package after your six month probationary period is over. We could use the help people. Over and out until next time.