Twos Tour

Terrible Twos interviewed for you by our pal Jenny Charlesworth. Apologies to both Jenny and the Twos for my ass-dragging in posting this. And if anyone out there has a band they’d like to interview, drop us a line. Jenny did and it worked out great. On deck: Lars vs. The Ohsees. See you this weekend.



Here’s a new one from the man who appears to be our only surviving columnist these days (a situation that needs to be remedied pronto…), Money Shot Matt Coppens. I’d just like to thank Matt for his years of servitude under the TB banner, he was here from the get-go and is still standing strong where many others have fallen (or just got fucking lazy). I always look forward to his columns and consider them a welcome breath of fresh air. The man understands that the reason for this website existing isn’t that damn messageboard. It’s here for people to write about music they love. I think that says it all. Follow his example. All of you….Be back soon with some interview action later in the week. Read Matt here.


a great LP

Back to the grind. Here are some more reviews of records of recent vintage for you to persue and hopefully make some semi-educated purchases based upon. We’re just trying to be helpful. I think we are close to caught up with reviewable as we’ve ever been right now. Future reviews updates will hopefully be more timely and a bit less dense, to prevent logjams like this from happening and to perhaps allow all of us to give some more much needed quality time to these records. More easily digestable in the future, that’s what we’re aiming for. So look for another new release section within a month or so, some Reissues before that. This update also welcomes new reviewer (TO) to our ranks. I initially saddled him with a Garbage Can column as a new guy hazing, but I felt so bad with some of the dung I heaped on him that I included them here. Look for him to be reviewing some more quality product in the future, as we like his style. Looking forward, there will be some Matty Coppens coming your way next, then a Terrible Twos interview, then Part III of the Lars Finberg Vs. Series where he puts up his dukes against The Ohsees, a column or two and that Florida’s Dying article (I swear, really) and even more sooprizes after that. See you soon. Summer is ready when you are.