Autumn Review Madness is upon us, beginning with some tapes/demos action. This section covers just a small portion of the actual tape releases out there. Cassettes must’ve heard vinyl is supposedly making a comeback and said fuck that shit. See the bottom of the reviews page for where to send shit for future Tape Delay/Demo Zone activity. Up next should be some Reissue/Old Shit reviews then a smorgasbord of new releases. Looks like we’ve slipped into quarterly reviews updates, hopefully we will be getting them out quicker now that the winter is here. Also on deck are interviews with Pink Noise, The Yolks, Florida’s Dying (I swear Rich) and some other cool shit. And if anyone wants to do a Gonerfest V diary or some sort of coverage, contact us, since we’re lame and won’t be there. And any beautiful person who wants to buy the collectorscum editor some records while they’re there, drop him a line, will pay/trade. Be back soon….



A surprise update from Lars, whilst on the road to Gonerfest V with The Intelligence. This round he butts heads with Rob from Eat Skull, who are headed down South for some shows as well. A special time of year, since even if you can’t make it to Gonerfest you can still catch a ton of bands out on the road to Memphis. Check out some tour dates for The Intelligence and Eat Skull and give them some support in your area. Anyway, here’s the interview. Round Five coming soon? Also, Hyde has received some feedback from Ron House’s “people” regarding his last installment of Cheap Rewards, check out some added footnotes in red. Be back real soon with Tape Delay/Demo Zone to begin Autumn Review Section Madness.



The latest installment of Cheap Rewards finds our pal Dave Hyde reminiscing about his youthful record buying days, visiting Columbus and finally seeing Ron House play in both TJSA and Great Plains this summer. Very well done. And he’s still looking for Nubees sleeves for anyone out there holding. No MP3s this time around, but some great writing more than makes up for it. Next up will be the return of Young Steve and then on with the reviews. My tape player is ready to die from all these cassettes sent in for the next Tape Delay/Demo Zone..keep ’em coming! And as always, I’ll make the obligatory cattle call: we’re always looking for help, columists, interviewees/interviewers and I could even use a record reviewer or two. See you in a few…