Hey. New Coppens column here, which recaps his best of last year. Look for more Matt in ’09, our most reliable columist. More new shit up soon, cassette/demo review real shortly them more reviews and interviews etcetera. We have quite a bit of good shit lined up, so hopefully The Editor get these updates moving quickly. And thanks to everyone who donated to the Termbo Telethon, we love you all.

2008 = DEAD


Fuuuuuck. It’s already February, and I’m just getting around to this. I know…There are many reasons. Any record hound worth his salt knows it takes you at least until mid-January to compile and compose your Best of list from the previous year. How can people present their Best Of lists when the year isn’t even over yet? I never got that…Also, every year I forget how long it takes to sort through these things… (continue)