FIRST BASE MOTHERFUCKERS TB summer vacation is over. We have just about a full issue’s worth of content on the editor’s desk right now, that we’re just making a few tweaks to and waiting for a few last minute adds. Here’s some reviews to tide you over for a few days while we finish. TB Issue #24 will be up in the old magazine-style format soon enough, including another full reviews column, tape/demos/zines reviews, a half-dozen interviews, the return of RFA, new editions of Too Much Junk and Cheap Rewards, a run-in by Mike Edison, weird DVD coverage from Rob Vertigo and more surprises. More big TB changes coming as well. And once again, to everyone who sent us review materials, we’re trying our damndest and if you don’t see all or any of your stuff here, please be assured it will be in the big issue. Thanks all for sticking with us. See you soon.