Jeezus. One day it’s October and you’re getting ready for Halloween, next thing you know it’s Christmas and you still haven’t updated the damn website. Time flys and such shit. Here are some new reviews I’ve finally cobbled together, some older than others, some pretty damn fresh. We have some more to come very soon as well, but on deck is the next Tape Delay/Demo Zone column, hopefully before the end of 2009. Some more standard reviewage after that, some Favorites of 2009 recap shenanigans, and the tentative plan is to have a big new full issue in January at some point. Trying hard. Mandatory apologies to all bands and labels for the delay, if you don’t see your stuff here, don’t worry, it’s coming. And as always, we’re looking for help if you have ideas for columns/features/interviews. We could actually use some more review staff these days as well, as we seem to have lost a couple more soldiers. Contact the editor. Also, a belated Happy Holiday season to everyone out there who has touched TB in some way: contributors, readers, bands, labels, message board posters and lurkers and more. As TB stumbles into its sixth year of existence, we once again hope to make the site bigger and better and more frequently updated. At least that’s my New Year’s Resolution. Again. See you soon.