Every time I try to finish a reviews section, it just never wants to end…there’s always one more record we can sneak in there or a few lines to tinker with or a rewrite from someone. Then there’s the actual process of sizing all the pictures and trying to make it look at least halfway decent on the page….it’s not as fun as it used to be. But it is still enjoyable, I have to admit. I think we’ve been reviewing records non-stop here for almost six years now. I do look forward to the week long break we take after a new edition is posted. But it’s also still a thrill to dive back in afterwards. Personally, I still enjoy modern music and feel privileged to be able to write about it. There’s a lot out there to enjoy. And a lot to hate. Just don’t give up looking. There’s something out there for all of us….so, Termbo News: Issue #28 is scheduled to be ready in time for Christmas, if all goes well. It should include, but is not limited to: a reviews addendum, Tape Delay/Demo Zone, interviews with The Moonhearts, Sex Church, Tyvek, Night Birds, a whopping TV As Eyes update, hopefully some more columns (hint hint), a little something called The Terminal Advisor and a few other odds and ends. We’ll do our damndest to make it ready for the long holiday. We’re always looking for help with interviews, features, Garbage Can, etc…so drop us a line if you’re seriously interested. That’s all for now, time to fire up the snowblower and dig TB HQ out of the snow.