Wake up

Happy New Year folks, hope all is well out there. 2012 is upon us, and once again my resolution is to make Termbo bigger and better than it was before. We’ll see how that goes. I can promise you’ll hear from us a lot more than you did in 2011, which I guess isn’t saying much when you think about it. Our first post of the new year is a long-in-the-making interview with Andy from Fashionable Idiots records, a quality dude if there ever was one. We spent a long time on this, for better or worse, and I’m glad it actually got finished because there are few people out there who have done more for our “scene” than Andy. Enjoy, please. Coming soon: demos/tapes/zine reviews, record reviews winter 2012, Tops of 2011 lists from the staff, more blogging and other top secret surprises. See you soon.