Summer is ending so that means it’s time for me to cut the cord on this reviews update, as painful as it is. Some of these reviews were written way back in January, some were written last week, with a whole lot in between. And it’s still incomplete. I’ve held some back for blogs posts coming ASAP, including but not limited to a Locals Only (WNY Edition) post, extended rambling about some of the best LPs of the year so far (Hank Wood & The Hammerheads “Go Home”, FNU Ronnies “Saddle Up”, White Load “Wayne’s World III b/w Godfather IV”, Timmy’s Organism, Bits of Shit, etc..) which may contain some interview segments as well, more Aussie reviews and tons of other shit. We also have a Demo Zone/Tape Delay almost ready. I apologize for the tardiness of a lot of these reviews, it just got out of control and then turned into me constantly pulling the old “Just one more review to write/edit and then I’ll post everything…” for a few months. Again, I’m sorry. Hopefully getting this reviews monkey off my back will finally allow me to get things moving more quickly and in a more current fashion via the blog. If we missed your record this time around, it’s most likely waiting in the wings, but please feel free to contact us if you’re wondering. Please know that I’m trying as hard as possible to keep things going, and I plan getting better/timelier (or at least attempting to) in the near future. Thanks again to all contributors, bands, labels and readers. Reviews are in two sections: A through M and N through Z . We’ll be back real soon, right now I need to go listen to the Satanic Rockers 7″ again….