Forgot I had this one sitting in the “to finish” stack. I have a few more blog posts to get off the desk this week and then we’ll post some stuff about our favorite records of 2012. This one was (or is) going to be the first in a series where bands with the same or similar names square off…and don’t forget to check the new reviews section out while it’s still warm…

bazookafuckBazooka “I Want To Fuck All the Girls In My School” 7”
Slovenly Records continues their European campaign of releasing garage records from countries that are notorious for not having the best in…taste, for lack of a better word. Italy, The Netherlands and now Greece. I wasn’t entirely impressed by the Acid Baby Jesus record, who are apparently the best Greek band since uh…fuck, can anyone out there even name a fucking Greek band? Socrates Drank the Conium is all I can come up with off the top of my head. For some reason I think there was a Greek metal scene of some size…whatever, not important. Bazooka have some ties to ABJ obviously, as how many garage-punks can there actually be there? The title cut takes a Fang riff and plays it through an A-Frames effects-pedal to give it that robot sound and cut it with a poppier chorus part that breaks in with an Intelligence-like vibe. The guitar part gets a bit hypnotizing/nauseating after repeated listens, which is good. The singer really hams it up to fit in with the wacky title concept. Not bad, and easier to remember than any ABJ song. “Monkey Town” is a more straightforward rocker, although they didn’t forget to add copious amounts of reverb. Let’s call it a European approach to Thee Ohsees style. B-Side (“Tingle”) goes for more of the same, with a…get this…TINGLY guitar part, but it has a more rocked out and hookier chorus which makes it the best song on the record. When put up against some of the other bands on the Slovenly roster (The Anomalys, Sultan Bathery, JC Satan) or their pals Acid Baby Jesus (and their side project Gay Anniversary, who are as bad as their name suggests going by their bandcamp songs), this is actually pretty rockin’. If you’re a fan of bands that have two drummers that makes them sound just like a band with one drummer, then this is right up your alley. Or if you’re huge fan of Italian garage-rock and want to step up your game to B level rock, this is all you. Ah, I’m being too harsh, I know…I’m just fucking around, this is a pretty good Eurorokker worth a few of your drachmas. (RK)
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bazookadustyBazooka “Jupiter” 7”
Thomas Function had a moment or two, I’ll admit, but then I think they kind of got beat at their own game by Harlem. Bazooka have the singer (Josh Macero) from T-Func (whose voice was an acquired taste when faced with extended listening time)playing alongside one of those kids from Amber Alerts (whose 7” was a nice slice of gutter-slop on Jeth-Row), and “Jupiter” sounds a lot like Thomas Function’s pop-rock and regrettably not like Amber Alerts snot-rocking, but what can ya do. It’s a well-written and played garage-popper, without the weird little touches TF peppered their songs with early on. The B-Side, “Back To You” (jeez, no one’s ever used that song title before…), is so fucking jangly you might mistake it as being from Wisconsin before the “na-na-na” chorus kicks in and drives a nail into your forehead. Fuck this shit. I feel bad for the chicken on the sleeve of this. That guy had no say in whether or not he wanted to be associated with pseudo-country hogwash like this. It’s not right. (RK)
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WINNER: Greek Bazooka win this one by a wide margin, because they rocked OK and the B-Side of Alabama Bazooka’s single made me want to take a lighter to it. The Greeks also got points for better artwork and being on a label with a guy named BAZOOKA JOE as its manager/distro dude. I liked that ‘bama ‘zooka had an Amber Alerts connection (because any band on Jeth-Row Records is pure gold), but they squandered that opportunity. The Greeks bring one home, I wish them the best with that economy thing as well. Tune in next time for Fag Cop vs. White Cop…