I once spent a drunken late night peppering James Arthur with questions about Necessary Evils and Fireworks after A Feast of Snakes had just played. He was gracious enough to put up with the rambling questions of a drunken fan when I’m sure he had far better things to do. I always wished I had recorded some of the stories he told me, or least always meant to interview him for the site (while sober). Our newest correspondent Ryan Leach has done a great job doing the interview with James about his lengthy back catalog and what’s happening now, that I wish I had always taken the time to do. Please enjoy. And check out those Manhunt records if you haven’t yet, they’re something special. We’ll be back shortly with more reviews…


Hey there, it’s been a long time since we last rapped at ya. Here’s a large page full of overdue record reviews of the vinyl sort. Some older, some newer, we hope you find some thing you might like or have missed or are just finding out about. Still have another file full of vinyl reviews to edit and an even larger file full of tape/demo reviews to paste up, both of which should be happening soon now that we’re back from summer vacation. We also have a couple of interviews ready to roll as well. In other news, look for print Termbo Issue #3 around the end of summer, accompanied by a Giant Sized Best of Termbo as well. Back issues are still available via our friends at The Loki Label. And speaking of the Loki Label, the first annual Loki Fest is happening next weekend, July 18th at the Ace of Cups in scenic Columbus, Ohio with performances by Unholy Two, Mordecai, Cheater Slicks and Counter Intuits. There’s some more info about it here and we hope to see you there. Back soon. Direct all questions/comments/requests to the editor at