Hey everyone. So, 2016, huh? Yeah. Well here is the 2016 recap from the Termbo staff. We like to wait it out so people have something to read in early February. Read on for more, but let me just say again, I’m deeply disappointed in myself for the lack of Termbo updates in 2016. Even if it couldn’t really be helped, it’s something that weighs on me. Termbo can be best described as my “hobby”, one that I love very much. However the time it requires and deserves is something that has become harder and harder to come by. I vow to improve and apologize for letting our audience down. 2017 can only be better. The one bad bit of news is that all the reviews that were supposed to be posted with this update will have to wait a few more days. There’s a lot of them, trust me, and it will get us slightly caught up to begin the 2017 season. The one bit of good news: the SHORT EYES tour diary/cassette is also available via The Loki Label as of today, as a special Valentine’s Day wish. Thanks to all involved for making it happen. I’m hoping everyone finds something of interest in our recap – as it was certainly an interesting in year in many ways. I’m also hopeful I can make 2017 a better year for Termbo – thanks to bands/labels for review materials and patience, thanks to all the staff, thank to the readers and lurkers and thanks to everyone on the Termboard. And anyone interested in helping with Termbo should reach out – we need you now more than ever – be back soon –
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