Here we have the seventh installment of Cheap Rewards from Mr. David Hyde, and it’s a winner, focusing on Tawas City, Michigan’s Afterbirth. Never heard of them? Me either, until now. Thank you Dave. Go here for Cheap Rewards. You need to see and hear this one pronto. Kaos is definitely my favorite…

We’ll have some more update action real soon.

3 thoughts on “CHEAP REWARDS

  1. Utterly fantastic! White Boy primitive with a Witchfinder General edge/stupidity. MAN! ‘Oh woah woah woah!’

  2. Um, kinda cool but I guess I expected a lot more when Afterbirth was compared to the almighty 1st Die Kreuzen LP. I personally don’t agree with that comparison and think it’s a stretch but maybe it’s just me. Cool that it’s a crude and amateurish record (and cool to uncover a unknown obscurity in 2007!) but it lacks a real “umph!” for me like other crude and amateurish discs provide. Hey, thanks for linking my Punk Business Manager blog on the Terminal Boredom home page! Keep up the good work, I always enjoy the articles and other stuff you guys post (and always look forward to updates).

    Happy New Year,


  3. Could you post Blood Rush so we listeners can have the entire 45, instead of every song but one, which kind of stinks?

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