Young Martyr by Gary Floyd

Okay then. Pain in the Big Neck III = mission accomplished. Thanks to all the bands who played and everyone who came out and especially to Bart Hart. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves.

Back to Termbo business. Here’s a brief interview I did with Gary Floyd earlier this year. It was nice to have a chance to chat with the man behind one of my all-time favorite bands. The internet makes some pretty cool things happen sometimes. Now, someone please find the masters for ‘Kill From the Heart’. Go here.

We’ll be back sooner than later. I have some older content waiting for release still kicking around, we’re compiling a new reviews section as we speak and the long awaited Part II to the Guide to GG Allin is cooking on the front burner of the TB stove. And once again, if anyone is interested in contributing, drop the editor a line at termibore-at-aol-dot-com. We’re always hiring.