Firstly, I’d like to sincerely thank everyone who was kind enough to donate to 2013’s Termbo Telethon, which was a great success and allowed us to pay the bills for yet another year. Your generosity is greatly appreciated and allows us to keep Termbo ad-free. Secondly, RK made a huge oversight when compiling his Best of 2012 list by forgetting the intrepid “fan club” president who released the Solid Space “Space Museum” cassette on vinyl early in the year, which was undoubtedly the best fan club release of the year. Sorry about that, whoever you are. Finally, we have the first installment of a great new column called INTERNATIONAL VOMIT by our pal Mattt, which will delve into the underbelly of cinema alongside Rob Vertigo’s TV AS EYES. Matt starts us off with The Recurring Dreams of Jean Rollin, which is just Part One of a series covering Rollin’s considerable body of work. Look for Part Two soon. We’re hoping to feature more film and book coverage this year alongside our usual music spiels, so if any of you out there have some ideas please contact the editor. On deck: reviews, FNU Ronnies, White Load and perhaps a “full issue” update if all goes well…


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