Autumn Review Madness is upon us, beginning with some tapes/demos action. This section covers just a small portion of the actual tape releases out there. Cassettes must’ve heard vinyl is supposedly making a comeback and said fuck that shit. See the bottom of the reviews page for where to send shit for future Tape Delay/Demo Zone activity. Up next should be some Reissue/Old Shit reviews then a smorgasbord of new releases. Looks like we’ve slipped into quarterly reviews updates, hopefully we will be getting them out quicker now that the winter is here. Also on deck are interviews with Pink Noise, The Yolks, Florida’s Dying (I swear Rich) and some other cool shit. And if anyone wants to do a Gonerfest V diary or some sort of coverage, contact us, since we’re lame and won’t be there. And any beautiful person who wants to buy the collectorscum editor some records while they’re there, drop him a line, will pay/trade. Be back soon….