Hello again. Our update this time features an interview with our Australian friend Owen Penglis, who you might know from Straight Arrows and/or from recording a good amount of other Australian bands recently. We talked to him a few years ago after the Arrows had completed their US tour, and here Ryan gets us up to date on Owen and the bands’ recent activity, including a new 7″ out now on Spacecase Records. In other news, those long awaited record reviews will be up next week (no I’m not stalling ehhhh….yes, I am) and we also have some more interviews ready to go, including a whopper of a Byron Coley chat and some more from the ever-busy Ryan. The 2017 Year End round-up is still warm, in case you missed it. And we’re running the ol’ TERMBO TELETHON for 2018 on the board if you’re interested. That’s it for now, we’ll talk again real soon.



We hope you all enjoyed your Independence Day (and/or Canada Day) and are ready for summer to get into full swing. To tide you over until the weekend, here is a fantastic interview by Ryan with George D. Henderson of New Zealand’s The Puddle (and New Existentialists) wherein they discuss the classic New Zealand sounds and scene of the past and present. Ryan has more similar material coming soon, so keep an eye out. Reviews section coming next, we’re still trudging away at it and are not dead. Yet. In related news, check out The Loki Label for the latest Midnight Mines material on cassette, (and solo stuff from the Baron and Private) which is down to just a handful of copies. See you real soon.


So, the Termbo mainframe has been repaired and moved to a new server, much thanks to Eric over at Windian Records for helping us out. The message board and this blog are once again firing on all cylinders. We have some updates ready, starting with this interview with the legendary Don Howland from our pal Ryan. It’s pretty in depth, thanks to Ryan and if you want to read more of his work go and grab his collection Bored Out via his label/store Spacecase Records. You won’t be disappointed. On the reviews front, we have a pile of LP/7″ reviews ready to go, Termbo print zine #4 is hopefully going to be ready for Christmas and year end wrap-ups shortly after that. And more….see you soon and thanks.