Just a brief post here to shine some light on a project I’m very excited about from Termbo alumnus Magnificent Mitch Cardwell and some co-conspirators. I don’t know how much of the bean dip I’m allowed to spill, but check out the Lets Get Hurt blog¬†for a sampling of what will now forever be known as FLAT TIRE PUNK. Mitch has pretty much cornered the market on Japanese Punk singles from 1990-present, something I mistakenly gave up on a few years ago and will now be trying to catch up on in a hurry before the lid is totally blown off the genre. Record Shop Base here I come. Mitch has some cool posts up already, and I really look forward to seeing things in print eventually. For now, bookmark the blog and start hunting. Speaking of which, see that Zymotics record down there? I FUCKING NEED IT. HELP. We’ll be back soon with some reviews, a special Australian presentation and more bloggery.