Two Thousand and Four...

Ah yes, quite a year, musically speaking. One I'm sure I shall look back at with fond memories in some godforsaken year to come. An almost ridiculous amount of great records were released. Quite a few bad ones were shat out as well. The seven inch single format saw a revitilization not seen since the glory days of the early Nineties. Remember Bag of Hammers, Pre-BS, Regal Select, Rat City, and their ilk? Well, we now have Yakisakana, Goodbye Boozy, P.Trash, Shit Sandwich, and more putting the strain on our already buckling record shelves. Just be careful out there folks, and be conscious of quality control. Nonetheless, I would still venture that at least thirty singles were released this year that should survive collection purges for years to come. That is, if you had a chance to buy them. It seems an inevitable side-effect of the rebirth of the seven-inch is that limited print runs are now the norm, causing some serious supply and demand issues for more than a few more notable releases this year, and a lot of instant eBay record scummery. So stay sharp. We're trying to help. Along with a heap of new (and kinda new) labels making with the good records, older heavy-hitters like In the Red and Rip Off still manage to be big time players. Rip Off is still putting out the hits even as Lowery slowly settles into the life of real estate mogul. Don't be surprised if 2005 turns out to be the end. And trust me, all you "I'm too smart for that 1-2-3-4 punk crap" high-horse jockeys, the world will NOT be a better place without Rip Off. As far as In the Red goes, I should mention this quote, penned by the prophet Jay Hinman in an issue of Superdope (a zine I wish we were as good as) way back in 1993 while reviewing a just-released Fireworks single: "The day this arrived in a package w/the Johnny Hash record and a too-great '68 Comeback single was the day I decided for good that In the Red is, without a doubt, the best rock and roll label in these 1990's." So to everyone who has been so amazed by Mr. Hardy's incredible output over the past couple of years, I say, what else is new? This February will also mark our first full year of operation. It's been a pleasure so far. As record reviewers and zine writers are wont to do, the staff here have compiled their "Best of" year-end lists and such. Why? I don't know. We just do it. It's fun. So take a look, compare and contrast, complain, marvel at our record OCD, and we'll see you in a month or so to embark on another year of coverage. And as always, thanks for your support. You can still check out the latest 'real' issue here.

TERMINAL BOREDOM STAFF 2004 TOP TENS(in no particular order):
Rich Kroneiss (Editor/Reviewer/Procrastinator)
Todd Trickknee (Reviewer/Recruiter/Assistant Coach)
Eric Lastname (Reviwer/Columnist/Miscreant)
Steve Strange (Reviewer/Columnist/Japanese Fetishist)
Jeff Greenback (Reviewer/Canadian)
Anonymous Goy (Columnist/Comedienne)
Scott Soriano (Reviewer/Columnist/Geriatric)
Mitch Cardwell (Part-Timer/Secret Weapon)
Dave Hyde (Reviewer/Columnist/Resident Collectorscum)
Matt Coppens (Cub Reporter)
Richard Dropkick (Australian Correspondent/Lout)
Ben Lyon (Art Fag Department)
Other staffers who contributed over the past year, but not playing, include columnists Nanne Tepper (who only liked about two albums this year anyway), Phil Honululu (who posted a year end thing on his blog which would just be repetitive to put here), Jesse Knowcrap (who has no excuse), our man in France Kemp Boyd (who is French, which I think explains it), and photographer/advisor Mark Murrmann. I'd like to thank everyone for their contributions and help over the past year, and also our readership, the bands, and the labels, without whom this site is obviously pointless. Check back towards the end of February for the next issue, we'll have some new contributors, interviews with The Carbonas, Ulcers, Blowtops, and more, and the first round of reviews in the 2005 record derby. Send comments and such to the editor at termibore--at--aol-dot-com, if you care enough to let us know what you think, or have any ideas, suggestions. or comments. Which you should. We appreciate feedback of any kind, but the angry "You guys are idiots..." e-mails are the funnest to read. Take care, and talk to you soon.