Compiled below are what the staff sent in when I requested a "Best of 2005" article from each of them. I guess "Best of.." is a tough thing to call it. Perhaps "Favorites of 2005" sounds better. 2005 itself was a trying one here at TB HQ. We were so busy trying to stay on top of all the on-line preorders of limited color vinyl seven inches that we missed a few deadlines, and ended up an issue short of the six planned for our fiscal year (which is over at the end of February by the way. Guys, get those W-2's mailed in to the home office ASAP!). But our New Year's Resolution is to be on point in 2006, and as you can see we're already failing miserably. We're having fun though, and 2005 was full of good times as well. Lots of festival action took place, and many of us were lucky enough to attend a few. Lots of good records, as you'll see below. The flurry of seven-inches has subsided just a bit, but there's still tons of quality vinyl action out there to keep us busy. We're gonna re-up for another year at the end of February, so expect another 12 months of poor planning and delayed updates. I'll now take this brief moment to thank all of the staff for their work over the past year, and let you know that all of our delays are due to the editorship and not the contributions of these fine gentlemen (and young lady). Most of the time. I'd like to thank all the labels and bands who sent us review materials and participated in interviews and other affairs. We hope you'll continue to do so as we would not be here without your work. And I'd finally like to thank the readers for sticking with us through all the delays, mishaps, and procrastination. We're trying to get better at this. Here we go with the lists...

Rich Kroneiss: Rich had the brilliant idea to start Terminal Boredom some two years ago after Blank Generation left us without anything to do with all these record reviews we were writing. Seemed like a good idea at the time. There are some big events happening in his life this year so he suggests no one get their hopes up for any sort of timely TB updates this year either. He enjoys reading old Forced Exposures and taking his dog to the drive-in.
Todd Trickknee: Todd's been with us since the BG days and has had many duties as a TB Staffer, including assistant coach, towel boy, and Eric Lastname wrangler. He's a little older than Rich and a lot younger than Soriano. We heard he recently stopped smoking. Cigarettes. He still puffs wind and pole, however.
Jeff Greenback: Jeff served with us on the good ship Blank Generation as well and we are glad to have him still along for the ride. He is Canadian, but we really don't mind. Cardwell thinks he looks like an algebra teacher. Unlike the rest of the staff, he seems to not be total bastard.
Mitch Cardwell: Mitch is a mountain of a man who contributes to TB a little less than we'd like. When not moonlighting at MRR or two dozen other zines on the West Coast, he turns in some good copy. We'd like to congratulate him on recently happening upon a copy of the "17 Cum Shots" LP by some band called The Oblivians. In his spare time he enjoys meat and eating it.
Steve Strange: Young Steve has also been around since ye olde BG days. He digs power-pop, Japanese broads, and Scott Soriano, and is in a band that we'd like to see someday. Some say he looks like Tim Robbins. We say he looks like chicken hawk bait.
Scott Soriano: Good old SSR came aboard mid-way through our first year and has been our intellectual sugar daddy ever since. His voluminous musical knowledge is exceeded only by his prowess on the basketball court. He makes a killer fucking salad as well.
Anonymous Goy: The Goy was the first non-BG free agent we recruited after starting up the site. He has since proven he was the worth the huge signing bonus and points on the back-end by becoming the only columnist to appear in every issue of TB. His favorite sport is hot-tubbing.
Richard Fucking Adventure: The Mighty RFA has been a long time ally of team TB, but only started contributing recently after months of asking. The A-Frames, Catholic Boys, and Leg Hounds played at his wedding. He has a dog named Clark and used to front a band called The Nightstalkers. He's definitely the coolest dude we know.
Jesse Conway: The Internet's Jesse signed up for TB duty only recently, but he has already proven himslef an invaluable asset. His insatiable appetite for all things Japanese may even rival Steve Strange's, and his knowledge of even the murkiest sub-genres of the underground (including, but not limited to Jessecore, Amazingcore, MySpace Crust, Japanese thrashcore, and The True D-Beat) add another facet to the many-headed monster that is TB. Plus, he likes The Reatards as much as the rest of us. In his spare time he is a major Beltway player.
Erik Hughes: The man also known as Erick Elrick has only been with us for an issue or so, so were not sure how to make of fun of him yet. He digs some of the more "out" sounds that most of the rest of us are too stupid to get into. He was hired for that reason. The chicks seem to dig him.
Ben Lyon: Ben heads up the TB Art Department and has done comix, headers, and covers for us. He's known Coppens longer than the rest of us, so we have sympathy for him on that front. He seems like a nice guy for an art fag.
Kemp Boyd: Kemp is our man on the scene in France. He does some interviews here and there and drinks a lot of wine and smokes a lot of cigarettes we presume.