Unfashionably late as ever, here are some Greatest Hits of 2007 if anyone's still awake out there. This year we solicited some contributions from friends and bands and labels in an effort to make things a bit more interesting. The response was overwhelming. Thanks to everyone who played along. I know some people think the whole list-thing is gay and sure sign of nerd behavior, but I always find it fun and interesting to see what stuck out to other people...I know everyone loved the Tyvek records and TV Ghost and other shoo-in picks for the year, but it's the oddball stuff in between that I take notice of, that odd single you never picked up or the LP you never got around to getting...And as a disclaimer of sorts, these lists aren't supposed to be an exercise in "Look-how-great-my-taste-is.." or that sort of bullshit either. I think the best thing about TB (and the reason it exists) is as a forum for individuals to share what they think is interesting and exceptional out there among the thousands of records and bands, and turn some other like-minded music fans onto it as well. I've been staring at these lists for the past week while pasting them up and I've already found a few things I missed that I'm going to have to check out. And that's what I hope our readership can glean from these contributions. That is, find some cool records and music out there you might have otherwise overlooked. Here's everything, in no particular order except that it's sort of in the sequence in which I received them. Please to enjoy and thanks again to everyone for their input.

THE STAFF: RK, JG, DH, RFA, RSF, BG, SB, Coppens, Jay Litch, Justin Collectorscum, Sarah Janet, Ben Lyon and a surprise guest appearance from spiritual advisor Joeee Domino.

FRIENDS OF TB (SIDE A): Lamps, Pissed Jeans, Homostupids, Fucked Up, Dirtnap Records, A-Frames, Distort, Alicja Trout, In the Red Records, Volt, Die Stasi Records, Low Down Kids, Homeblitz, Wooden Shjips, Florida's Dying, Suspicions, The Intelligence, Skulltones, and Arturo!

FRIENDS OF TB (SIDE B): Clockcleaner, Pink Reason, Z-Gun, Feeling of Love, Goner Records, Vegetative State, Black Time, 200 LBU, Ken Rock Records, Cococoma, The Dutchess and the Duke, Jay Reatard, LiveFastDie, The Rebel, Wizzard Sleeve, Steve Beat...

(Special TB NO-PRIZE to anyone who can successfully identify every record on the above picture...)