Fuuuuuck. It's already February, and I'm just getting around to this. I know...There are many reasons. Any record hound worth his salt knows it takes you at least until mid-January to compile and compse your Best of list from the previous year. How can people present their Best Of lists when the year isn't even over yet? I never got that...Also, every year I forget how long it takes to sort through these things...but it is a lot of fun to see differing opinions and perhaps be reminded of releases you forgot or be turned on to records you didn't even know about. A lot of people think making these lists is nerdy or lame or whatever. Fuck 'em. It's just a good way to reflect on the year and let people know what made it more interesting for you and perhaps get them into something they missed. No one takes it that seriously. Well, maybe I do. And Jeff. I was up all week debating my picks. Serious business. Anyway, 2008 ruled, there were so many good records to buy that even I missed some. Thanks to everyone who contributed, both staff and friends. The lists are in no order at all, perhaps slightly in the order I received them. Hope you find something good and 2009 looks to be just as killer....

THE STAFF: RK, JG, DH, RFA, RSF, BG, AR, Icki, Ben Lyon and Kemp Boyd.

FRIENDS OF TB (SIDE A): Lamps, Wooden Shjips, Wounded Lion, Clockcleaner, Homostupids, Dave Martin, Kill Shaman Records, Dusty Medical Records, Pink Noise, Black Time, Black & Whites, Dead Luke, Sacred Bones, Rocket Reducer, DX, Pissed Jeans, Volt and Cool Dude Quarterly.

FRIENDS OF TB (SIDE B): Alicja Trout, Arturo, The Intelligence, Cococoma, Night People Records, Skulltones, Eric O./Goner, Nobunny, Suspicions, Feeling of Love, Haunted George, Pink Reason, AFCGT, Z-Gun, The Yolks, Career Suicide, Electric Bunnies, Tic Tac Totally and Sarim!

CANDERSON'S 2008 IN PICTURES: Chris sent such great pics I had to give him his own page!