Man, do you guys remember 2009? Seems so long ago, like maybe six months or so...Last year I didn't update the Best Of lists until February, and I felt pretty bad about that. This year, well...at least it's a running joke now. For Tha '09 we opted not to do the various friends/associates lists as we had done in the past (well, except for these guys), and in retrospect that seems like an even better idea now. I apologize to RFA, BG, DH and RSF for the HUGE delay. At least they cared enough to participate! And this is how I repay them! What a dick. Anyway, with all the fanfare of a silent fart, here's what some of the staff had to say about 2009, which was a great year for music no matter how late we're remembering it....


The Editor/RK: The man to blame.

Richard Fucking Adventure/RFA: The legend.

Brandon Gaffney/BG: Get Mugged.

Dave Hyde/DH: The King of Cheap Rewards.

Rob Vertigo/RSF: West Coast Butcher.

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