It's February 2011, and I'm just now posting our Best of 2010 update, to little or no fanfare I imagine. I did accomplish one goal for the new year already, and that was to post the '10 update before summer. So here you have it. Staff only again this year (except for these gentlemen), and not even all of the staff at that. Oh wait, here's (BG) with his last minute list: "I'm not gonna do a Best Of because all I listened to was Kurt Vile and Nina Simone this year. G-a-y." Thanks a lot buddy. Still waiting on RFA for the verdict on 2010's Wrestler of the Year as well. Sigh. I still love you guys. Anyway, here's what some of us thought of 2010 (in the order they were turned in to HQ), yet another great year for music no matter which way you choose slice it...


Rich K./RK: Procrastinator-in-Chief.

Rob Vertigo/RSF: Head of West Coast Operations.

Nick Goode/NG: Review Staff Rookie of the Year.

Erick Elrick/EEK: The Prodigal Son Returns?!

Eddie Schneider/ES: Mid-Atlantic Correspondent.

Acapulco Rodriguez/AR: Mercenary-at-Large.

Dave Hyde/DH: Resident Sabermetrician.

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