Another year in the books. Here are some favorites from the Termbo staff from the past twelve months or so. 2012 was yet another good one for music, but hey, isn't every year? Hope you find some records you might have missed, there was a lot to get excited about aside from the Hank Wood & The Hammerheads LP, which seems to be the consensus pick as hottest shit of the year. This puts the lid on Termbo's ninth year, and as we go into our TENTH(!) season look for some surprises and special features. Thank you all for participating: staff, labels, bands, readers. Special thanks to UV Race for providing us with our "2012" banner and letting me give the impact font a rest for a year.


Rich K./RK: Head Cheese.

Rob Vertigo/RSF: West Coast Czar.

Nick Goode/NG: Mid Atlantic Ops.

Dave Hyde/DH: East Coast Field Office Chief.

Erick Elrick/EEK: Senior NYC Correspondent.

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