2015 = DEAD. This is the place where I usually say the same thing every year = what a great year for music, duh! It's true every year, and I always like to take a moment to admonish those who say that there's not any good modern music. Dumbest shit ever. If you couldn't find new music to get excited about in 2015 you are a moron. I will say thanks to all bands and labels who send us materials and everyone out there reading, contributing and lurking the message board. 2015 had some highs and lows for Termbo - the print edition continues to move along (#2 released in 2015, with #3 right on the edge of the new year) which I'm very proud of. 2015 also saw some very limited blog/site updates, which I'm not happy about and want to apologize profusely for - no one wants to hear excuses, but 2015 was one of those years where shit just kept happening and free time was near non-existent. We plan on catching up quickly in 2016, and I'll promise to try my damnedest to stay on top of this thing. 2016 makes 12 years of Termbo, and I still think I have at least one or two more in me - might just say let's get to year 15 and then blow the place up once and for all. Who knows. Thank you again for sticking with us, all of you.


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