Hey there, it's been a long time. How have you been? We're doing well. Figured it was about time to update the site, as it has been, what, five or six months since we last saw each other? I apologize. It's been a tough start to the year here at TBHQ, full of moving vans, car accidents, missing mail, real jobs, not enough money and too little time. It's like real life or something. The Editor would like to apologize (for the thousandth time) to all of the staff who contributed, all of the labels and bands who sent us promoe materials and to all the readers who give a shit for this latest delay and thank you all for your patience. I know it may seem like nothing much happens on the site at times, but to me it seems like I am constantly working on it. Strange. Things seem to be back on track now, and wheels are already in motion for the next BIG issue which will feature new columns from your favorite record collecting all-stars, exciting new interviews and tons of new features. Big doings as they say. Also, PLEASE NOTE THAT THE MAILING ADDRESS FOR TB HQ HAS CHANGED. Also, Hyde and Coppens have updated contact info as well. Please make note and thanks for the interest.

So, this time around it's all reviews again, seeing as we have half a year to catch up on. The main stuff is basically broken up into three pages: new releases, reissue/retrospective stuff and a whole column for the shitload of split singles clogging the bins. Then we have the latest installment of Garbage Can (this time with Frank from Vegetative State, who did such a good job I'm thinking of sending him more crap...) and Erick's Nothing Is True/Everything Is Permitted Column. Hopefully this keeps you busy for a little while. We'll be back real soon. Thanks again. Here you go:

REISSUES/RETROPSPECTIVES/OLD-NEW STUFF: Haven't come up with a clever title for this yet, but here's all the reissue and new "old" stuff. Know what I mean? Punk, psych and even some reggae?!

SPLITTING HEADACHES: All split singles, all the time. Just love this format, so glad it seems to be making a comeback. Right.

NEW RELEASES: All the new stuff as reviewed by some new and old faces. Extra long this time.

GARBAGE CAN: I sent Frank (or is it Tim?) a bunch of crap. He turned it into this column.

NOTHING IS TRUE/EVERYTHING IS PERMITTED: Erick's feature length column, he talks about Load Records a lot and a bunch of other fruity noisy-experimental stuff. Cool.

Contact: termibore-at-aol-dot-com