At long last, all the votes are in and counted. The Best of 2006 lists are finalized. It was a year of many great records, heavy on the great singles, skimpy on the great LPs it seems. Lots of great reissue material coming out. And is it me, or is the split single trying to make a comeback? Anywa, this marks our third year of operation, and it seems to be going fairly well. At the TB offices, 2006 saw the sad departure of some long time staffers (farewell Eric Lastname and Anonymous Goy) and the happy addition of some great new helping hands (hello Mike Sniper and Sarah Janet), plus our relationship with allies like Justin Collectorscum and Jay Litch turned into some great articles. In 2007 we vow to bring you even more, hopefully with some timelier updates, perhaps some new interactive features, and other surprises. For now, please enjoy our selections for our most memorable records of the past year. Staff participation was at an all-time this go round. We'll be back with some new jive for you in March some time. Thanks to all our readers, all contributors, and especially to the labels and bands that send us review materials, we appreciate your efforts and patience. 2007 is looking great already, so let's get this 2006 stuff over with...


The Editor/Rich Kroneiss/RK: The guy to blame when updates are late. E-mail him with all complaints and information on where to find a Meaty Buys 7".

Todd Trickknee/TK: Semi-semi-part time record reviewer, scoundrel, and Secretary of Wisconsin Relations.

Jeff G./JG: Full-time record reviewer, part-time world traveller, full-time Canadian.

Steve Borchardt/SB: He's not Steve Strange. He's not Young Steve. He's an occassional record reviewer and columnist and full time heart-throb.

Ickibod Styzinetti/IS: The man behind OC R'N'R and many of the fine photos on this site. He's a busy dude, currently snapping pictures of important government types somewhere in the Beltway I believe.

Scott Soriano/SSR/Old Man River: Our mentor. Scott has focused his record reviews on his own Z-Gun zine, but will still drop knowledge in column-form for us in the future.

Dave Hyde/DH: Dave Hyde...where to begin? Collector extraordinaire, author of the fantastic Cheap Rewards column, record reviewer and all around swell guy.

Ben Lyon/Art Fagg: Ben draws pictures for us. We let him talk about records once a year in exchange for said pictures. He's had to deal with Coppens longer than any of us.

Matt Coppens/MCP: Matt Coppens reeks of hate. He wakes up in the morning and bathes in it. It seeps from his pores. Somehow, he manages to like a little bit of music.

Erick Elrick/Hughes/EEK: Full time record reviewer, interviewer, and man-about-town. Our man on the street in NYC.

Jesse Conway/JC: Jesse moved to Japan this year. That did not prevent him from sending in reviews or a year-end list. The guy produces when it counts. Send him American hot dogs. Or ship him a rib.

Richard Fuckin' Adventure/RFA: The fucking boss with the sauce. RFA is not only the rockinest mother-effer we know, but he also graces us with the Total Fucking Rocker column and occassional metal record reviews. A brother like no other.

Justin Collectorscum: The dangerous mind behind Too Much Junk and other TB features. A daring record hound who knows no fear when it comes to digging through the bins.

Mike Sniper/MS: Mike is our resident reissue reviewer and has some absolutely amazing columns/features coming up this year. I shit you not. Insane stuff. He draws good too.

Jay Litchfield: Another top flight record collecting champion we are proud to have among our ranks. You might know him best from The TB Guide to GG Allin, but hopefully you'll know him even better from the many, many contributions he's going to make to TB in the next year. Right?

Sarah Janet: Sarah did the wonderful article on the TV Party show from our last issue, and is hopefully going to be our full time film columnist in the upcoming year.

Simon Harvey/SH: Simon actually didn't do anything for TB in 2006. But we included him anyway, since he is our newest staff reviewer. Send him stuff to get him started.

Ryan Wells vs. Mitch Cardwell: See MRR staffers duke it out! No holds barred action! Man Mountain Cardwell vs. Sgt. Slaughter!

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