Anonymous Goy's Year in Review

Here they are:

2004 Good:
10. Finally getting "Maybe Chicago" released in January.
9. Interviewing Timmy Vulgar on the talk show.
8. Touring the West Coast, playing with The Spits on their 10th Anniversary Show.
7. Learning to use the high hat pedal for time-keeping purposes on the ol' drumkit.
6. Moving to an apartment with jacuzzi jets in the tub.
5. Discovering Timmy Vulgar is not dead after a long and miserable 15 minutes of thinking it was so.
4. Losing 15-20 pounds the old-fashioned way: Exercise and Sensible Eating.
3. The Ponys "breaking out" from playing for the same damn 25 people at every show in Chicago / Befriending Tony Sagger (tie)
2. Finishing my novel.
1. Meeting and dating a girl who doesn't suck, who even has taste in music as cool as Yours Truly.

2004 Bad:
10. Clear Channel.
9. My apartment getting broken into twice in September, thus precipitating said move to apartment with jacuzzi jets. The crackheads even stole my DVD copy of "Gimme Shelter!" At least they left the laptop with said novel stored on it. Otherwise, this would be tied for the #1 Bad of 2004.
8. America. Almost all of it except the underground culture. Oh, and Long John Silver's.
7. Brian and Mark Miller quitting the F.B.'s.
6. Four More Years of This Shit.
5. My Unemployed Friends.
4. The Overabundance of Ribbon Stickers for Every Fucking Self-Righteous Trendy Cause You Can Think Of. I'm sick of empty gestures / Hubert Selby Jr.'s death (tie)
3. The fear that this music scene I like so much is turning into less about friends helping each other out and more about $$$. We're the underfed greyhounds at the track, chasing two mechanical bunnies named Jack and Meg White. Look at 'em go!
2. d. boon is still dead, Bill Hicks is still dead, and Hunter S. Thompson is seemingly braindead, at a time when we need this Triumvirate the most.
1. Chris Saathoff. Let's never forget his friendship, and in light of the Timmy Vulgar scare, let's never forget how important our friends are and what they mean to us.