Eat My Fuc

At last, here we have the long awaited Part Deux to Jason Litchfield’s painstakingly researched and compiled TB Guide to GG Allin (1977-1986). The first installment aired some time back, and you can go here to catch up if you missed the first episode. Quite honestly, this is probably the coolest article we’ve ever had the pleasure of running in TB, and we thank Mr. Litchfield profusely for all his hard work. This is precisely the sort of content I hoped to have for TB when we started this thing so long ago. We need more contributions like this from all of you collector scum lurking out there. Share the knowledge. Show off those records. Bring the collections out of the closets and storage boxes for the world to see. We want more articles like this. Drop the editor a line if you’re up to the task. In fact, I dare anyone to come up with something as good as this. Anyway, feast your eyes on The TB Guide to GG Allin Part II and we’ll be back shortly with some reviews. Bite it. You scum.