I’m embarrassed and disappointed with my performance regarding getting reviews out in a timely fashion this year. Totally dropped the fucking ball. I apologize yet again to all labels and bands who sent us shit and waited and waited…Please give us another chance as I have a plan in action to make next year better and timelier…Anyway, here’s a healthy batch of record reviews from the staff that I’ve pasted together, and I still have another batch brewing in the HTML cooker (many of the LP variety) for release before the holiday. And a batch of reissue reviews as well. Time to play catch up. Again. See you soon.



The year is winding up quicker than I’d like. I still have piles of reviews sitting around here that need to be posted and here’s a half-assed start. A selection of print and cassette releases that TB has crossed paths with lately.  Iminent: yet another mammoth “new” releases section is almost out of the oven, a demo reviews section is on deck and a gallon or two of reissue reviews right after that. Plus, a TB Library segment before Christmas with reviews of the year’s finest rock-releated tomes. We’re going to move quickly this month to get everything in before the holidays and to allow everyone to begin tabulating their Best 0f 2007 lists. We also have some hot interviews in the pipeline AND an addendum to smash-hit GG Allin Guide in the near future, as some interesting revelations have some to light since it was posted. AAAND, we’ll be launching the long awaited TB Reviews Database as soon as we’re done with our backlog. Exciting stuff, I vow that 2008 will see TB back on top of its game. Thanks to everyone for being so patient through this bitch of a year. We’ll be back soon, and if you’re interested in becoming a contributor, drop us a line, we’re looking for a hand or two.