Here we have an interview with much-lauded Aussie sensations Eddy Current Suppression Ring in two parts that has been a long time in coming. Firstly, an interview with Mikey (ECSR guitar player/songwriter, aka Eddy Current) conducted before their US Tour last year by our favorite Australian zinester, Mr. DX. Secondly, a post-tour interview that went down Stateside with singer Brendan Suppression (and Rich Dropkick), curated by TB’s own Icki along with some other members of the TERMBO Bay Area Chapter. This portion of the interview actually appeared in Maximum Rocknroll recently as well, but for those of you who are killing the scene and not reading MRR anymore, here you go. Please enjoy this interview by clicking here. Thanks.


TB HOME OFFICE Our annual year-end wrap-up is finally complete and as always, embarrassingly late. This year we have the usual staff lists, plus contributions from some bands, labels and friends of TB to make things a bit more diverse. As always, we hope everyone finds some interesting stuff contained in these lists, some records you might’ve missed or bands you haven’t yet checked out. Lots of entertainment contained in the guest section, and not just music but films, books and more. Here’s the intro page with more of an explanation and three pages worth of input from everyone who decided to play along. Thanks to everyone once again and thanks to our readership for sticking with us. We’ll be back shortly with some reviews and columns.