PUSSY COLA Three months in and it’s time for our first reviews section of the new year. Yes, timely as always. (Please insert my usual apologetic comments to the staff, bands, labels and readership here.) We’re still plugging away, it can only get better, right? You’ll notice most of these reviews are of the 7″ variety. The reason being we have a plateful of waxing about recent and semi-recent full lengths ready to go as well. These will be warmed up and served next…well, next after the latest installment of Coppens’ column, which will be hitting the site ASAP, before Matt hops a bus to my house and rips my face off. I’m working on it! Then it’s a new Reissues section which is being slaved away on as we speak. Lots of interviews in the works in time for the change of seasons, stay tuned. And as usual, we’re looking for help with features, interviews and anything else of interest. Contact the editor if you think you’re up for it.