In Part Two of an ongoing series, the fearless Lars Finberg this time dukes it out with Seattle’s party-time monsters Coconut Coolouts in a no-holds barred action-packed interview. Lars and his Intelligence are currently somewhere in Europa playing to packed houses. Go check ’em out if at all possible. Who’s next to fall prey to Lars’ potent interview skills? Ohsees? Plastic Letters? Brainbombs? Who knows?! Stay tuned to find out….
In other Termbo news, all staff members seem to have survived Horriblefest. We’d like to thank Russ Romance, Now That’s Class, Sleepy Bear, My Mind’s Eye and the city of Cleveland for being so gracious to us. If anyone would like to do a write-up of the fest, drop us a line. Record reviews of both the reissue and new release variety are on deck, plus a series of interviews/articles with some regional record labels where we talk shop about the label game and some local scene stuff…more on that front soon. We’re always looking for contributions, and are also currently looking for some dependable/competent record reviewers who would like to lend a hand. If you think it’s just a good way to get free records, don’t bother…if you want to review a lot of stuff that you’re buying anyway, please apply via the editor, then we’ll talk about free stuff later….be back soon….



Our old pal Lars has generously taken some time out of his busy schedule to do some Termbo grunt-work, taking the form of a series of interviews with some of his favorite bands. We’re very excited about the whole thing. This first installment finds Mr. Finberg squaring off against Mike Donovan of San Fransisco’s Sic Alps. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did. You can catch Sic Alps on tour in the US later this month, and they also have a few new releases on the horizon (but more about that in the interview…). Lars and The Intelligence are storming their way across Europe as we speak, please go support them if you’re over there somewhere. We’ll be back soon with the second part of Lars’ interview adventures, wherein he takes on the ferocious Coconut Coolouts. Stay tuned! And remember, Horriblefest III is just a few short days away, we’ll see you there!


COPPENS-A-FEELER Here’s the latest installment of Can’t Stand The Midwest from the always reliable Matt “Money Shot” Coppens. Matt’s been the most dependable columnist on staff over the past few years, always ready to come at you with some record reviews and vitriol. If you see him out-and-about in the Chicagoland area, please buy him a beer for us. Also, here’s a little reminder that festival season is upon us once again, and Horriblefest III is right around the corner. April 17th-19th in Cleveland, OH. Clockcleaner, Homostupids, TV Ghost, Daily Void, Cheap Time, Thomas Function, Human Eye, Plates, Cheater Slick and more TB-approved acts. We’ll be there for the festivities, hope to see you there as well…