Here’s an interview with our friend Mark of The Pink Noise conducted over the fall that just passed. I hope it provides some insight into an artrist I find to be one of the more interesting in an ever growing genre. You should catch up on his past releases if you’re not already familiar and be prepared for a lot of Pink Noise in 2009. I know we owe you some reviews. We’ve been working through some MASSIVE computer problems here at TB HQ, and seem to have finally found a solution. The hazards of running a website while being almost totally computer illiterate are many. But I think we’ve got it figured out. Finally. So, those reviews will be up ASAP. Got a ton of ’em here. And reissues. And tapes. And more interviews. And a year-end wrap up. We’re working on it, I promise. Hopefully this will tide you over for a few days while we get back up to speed here. Stay tuned.