With the recent passing of the legendary Ron Asehton, it seems timely to post Young Steve’s takes/column regarding the The Stooges studio work. Please to enjoy. Up next is our 2008 wrap-up, with plenty of guest contributions from your favorite Termbo sanctioned bands and labels. Just finishing up with tabulating the winners right now, we’ll be back with that any minute. Then we return to the review grind and some special interviews are on-deck as well.



Here’s an interview with John and Lance of Slicing Grandpa conducted by our very own Rob Vertigo. Ex-TSF vox vs. ex-TSF guitar. Check out the massive discography. More updates coming soon, most likely in this order: Stooges/Asheton trib, Best of 2008 Festivities, more reviews (new stuff, Demos/Tapes, reissues), and a few more interviews cookin. See ya soon.


Jesus, I know. (Insert my usual apologetic comments here.) Winter Session reviews, with more to come. I’m gonna stop making promises here. We’re trying our hardest here at Termbo HQ. The latest economical crunch has initatied massive layoffs here at the office. The remaining members of the legal department are currently in negotiations with Pitchfork regarding a bail-out package. Hopefully they come through. Up next: more reviews, Best of 2008 coverage (reminder to all: if you haven’t sent your entry in or want to participate, contact the editor ASAP), Tape Delay/Demo Zone, a couple of interviews and more. The Reissue Review department seems to be on self-imposed hiatus, but we’re working on that. Trudging into 2008, forging ahead, I think we can keep this up for at least another year… Read some reviews here.