Pic by Dave Hydethesalami

Hey hey hey. Here is the first volley of our 2009 Spring(ish) Reviews Offensive. Lots of demos and tapes to review, thanks for sending them and sorry for the delay. Next up will be new releases in two or three parts with reissues and stuff mixed in. Some good interviews and features on deck as well, but I’ll keep those under wraps for now. I think we’re ready to forge ahead and make the most out of this year. Thanks one and all for their participation and support. Festival season approaches, you have Totally Wired in Pittsburgh in mid-April, The Romantic Getaway (formerly Horriblefest) in Cleveland in early May, the Pain in the Big Neck 10th Anniversary Show in Buffalo in late May, then The Mummies shows in June and I do believe The Oblivians/Gories dates are in June as well. Gonna be busy! See you soon.