Yeah. I was hoping to have this next update right here be the new reviews section, but the deadline clock is staring at me right now and I have to face up to the fact that it’s just not gonna happen tonight. I apologize. But what I do have for you is the next installment in the ‘Lars Vs…’ interview series, wherein our intrepid hero matches wits with the enigmatic Love Tan. Please enjoy. Next edition is already in the bag as well, where Lars combats some Aussies. Me? I’m off to Pittsburgh for Totally Wired in a few short hours with the rest of the Buffalo contingent. See you there? And also, R.I.P. to the girls in Clockclean er, it was fun while it lasted, see you on the 2012 Skull Music Reunion Tour. So, I’ll have the first of many new reviews updates ready when we get back, plus some bonus coverage of the fest and more more more….



Here we have an entertaining diversion to start the work week, a self-professed article about a “subculture of a subgenre of a subculture” from our Japanese field office. Crust pants? Our American minds know nothing of them, but learn we shall. Not the usual TB fare, and we’re not turning fashion mag, but I thought it was culturally interesting and funny. This will hopefully tide you over for a few days whilst I finish editing the next reviews column (Part One). April already? FUCK. And Japanese labels and bands, please take note of Jesse’s contact info in the column and on the contacts page, our man in Osaka is ready and willing to take on any and all review materials.