Hey now. Same old story here, I just realized there hasn’t been an update since freakin’ January. We’ve been hard at work on Issue 25 here at the HQ and just lost track of time. So here’s a preview to keep things moving somewhat…Up first, we welcome Mr. Tony Rettman into the fold with hopefully his first column of many, called ‘Going Nowhere, Eating Things’. We’re thrilled to have him on board and look out for his Detroit HC book coming soon. Preview #2 is part of the 2009 wrap-up I should’ve posted, oh back in January or some shit, but inexplicably decided to save for the new issue. Check out skullmusic 2009. We’ll be back real quick with the unveiling of the full issue, with more of the usual hard-hitting columns, interviews with Florida’s Dying Records, Lamps, Flight and more, plus some new features, another installment of ‘TV As Eyes’, Black Mike on garbage detail, the staff’s 2009 wrap-up, a heaping ton of reviews and more. See you soon. RIP Bruce Roehrs and Alex Chilton.