Continuing with our long in the works series of record label profiles, #2 in the set is finally complete, courtesy of our friend(s) over at Richie Records and is ready for your perusal. Thanks to Richie for playing and being a good sport, and make sure you check out the discography section as well and fill in any holes in your collection. If you’ll recall, #1 in the series was with Rich at Florida’s Dying and we already have #3 complete with Eric at Daggerman Records. That one will be up soon and we’re currently screening applications for #4. But coming sooner than that will be an incredible interview Lars did with Chris Gunn of The Hunches and a chat we had with Larry Hardy of In the Red Records over the summer. Next week. Plus some more reviews ASAP and all types of other cool stuff we’re working on. Should be steady weekly (or more) updates through October which we’re going to tie up into TB Issue #28 in November with a bunch of new columns/columnists and a tonne of other new content. Be back soon.



New batch, fresh from the oven. Well, maybe not all of them¬†are¬†fresh, but we’re getting there. We still have a bunch of others kicking around here, which we’ll get to ASAP. I have a heap of great interview ready to go as well, so look for some more activity in the next month now that the sun is leaving and it’s getting too cold to drink beer in the backyard all night. Gotta get my priorities straight…To all labels and bands, thanks so much for sending review materials in, I promise we are getting to them if you haven’t seen them yet. Your patience and understanding are appreciated. And feel free to drop the editor a line if you want to talk. Looking for submissions? We are, if you have a cool interview or column idea. Be back soon. UV Race are awesome.