On tap: our second interview with Larry Hardy, CEO of In the Red Records, the finest label in all of garage-punk-dom for many many years running. Multiple-time winner of the coveted Termbo Label of the Year Trophy and home of TB Staff faves such as The Hunches, Tyvek, Cheap Time, Lamps and tonnes more. Larry was kind enough to answer a bunch of questions for us towards the end of summer and was a very good sport throughout it all. Hopefully we can do Part 3 sooner than later. And everyone should check out Tyvek’s “Nothing Fits”, Larry’s latest release. As far as Termbo Updates, we should have new reviews in short time, and look for TB Issue #26 (or #27?) sometime in late November, just in time for your holiday needs. Thanks everyone.


Many of our readers might remember one of our many cutting edge fashion-oriented pieces from last year, the Special Crust Pants Report from our then Japanese correspondent Jesse. A year plus after our original inquiry for a crust skirt report, our request was answered by a young lass named Banana. If anyone else out there has further crust fashions to report please do so (still looking for a chaos pouch report?!).

Recently read your article about crust pants and I loved it! Saw that you wanted pictures of crust skirts…so here’s some pics of mine! I also answered the questions you asked the people with crust pants, in case you wanted that too. Cheers!

A: Name? Banana
B: Age? 21 years old
C: Age of your crust skirt? 4 years
D: Do you own more than one pair? Just these.
E: Do you wear them every day? Usually about once a week.
F: What are the advantages/disadvantages to crust skirt, if any? It’s good for when it’s blazing hot outside, but I have to sit with my legs crossed.
G: Do you have a favorite hole/tear/patch on the skirt? GBH patches from a bandana.



All I can really say is that The Hunches were one of, if not the greatest guitar rock band of the past decade. Few artists have even hit me in the places they left bruises in. Lars Finberg chats with Chris Gunn for TB here, and I can’t thank either of them enough for such a great interview. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. It really shed some light on things I always felt I might have just been assuming about their music (and proves those assumptions as mostly true) and shows how the raw powers of anxiety, friendship, joy, self-doubt and pain (and more) helped to shape one of the best modern bands and their records. Wonderful. I’ll miss them.