I’ll try and keep this brief. Here’s a new heap of reviews just under the 2012 wire. We have a LOT more ready to go as well, but I had to cut the cord on this installment, which I should have done a month ago. It’s just hard to let go when there’s so much you want to include…I listened to the Toy Love live 2XLP twice tonight while working on the site, then realized I forgot to put it in this update – repeat that frustration x20, and that’s pretty much why this shit takes so long… We’ll have more posted very soon, as well some Best of 2012 reporting as well. If your release did not appear in this update, firstly I apologize profusely, and secondly drop the editor a line and he’ll give an excuse/explanation. I assure you many more records were (and are currently being) reviewed but we just didn’t have any more time this go-round. As I always say, we’ll be more frequently updating the blog in coming weeks (our New Year’s resolution for five years running…) with some interviews and articles and hopefully cleaning off the desk of 2012’s stragglers quickly enough. Thanks for being patient, as always. We appreciate everyone who reads Termbo, sends materials in for review and the staff who put up with the editor’s general dumb-assery. A lack of enthusiam by anyone involved is certainly not what holds up our updates, it’s finding time, which will hopefully in more plentiful supply in 2013. Happy New Year.