Hey now. We’re thrilled to present to you the latest installment of Dave Hyde’s CHEAP REWARDS column, this time dealing with Lehigh Valley’s legendary Several Species! Very timely considering the release of the “Destroy All Art” LP, ushering in the next wave of KBD-esque compilations. The 90s were so long ago…We will be back (very) soon with a big heap of record reviews (and perhaps our breakdown of aforementioned comp, but we’re still comparing notes here at HQ), the definitive interview with Montana’s Mordecai and then the tapes/demos review section, all before summer hits full swing if things go our way. Two closing items: Termbo is looking for contributors to both the online and print versions of the mag – we need interviews, columnists, features/articles, Garbage Can candidates and might have a spot open on the review staff if someone is serious about doing it. Contact the editor at Also, Termbo print editions are still available via our comrades over at The Loki Label. See you soon and thanks for reading/looking/dropping by.