Hey! So, yeah, we’re still here. Back from our little “break”…honestly, summer is over, fall is gone, time to retreat back into the Termbo bunker and wait out the winter. We plan on passing the time by getting the reviews updated ASAP and catching up one some interviews we’ve had come through the office. Here’s the first, a chat with Mets fan, record mogul and all around great guy Gerard Cosloy. Gerard had a quite informative discussion with our pal Ryan Leach about the state of the music biz, GG Allin and Conflict (the zine not the band), three things I think we all love. I hope you enjoy it. I know I did. On deck we have reviews, reviews, more reviews, probably some Best of 2017 type stuff and an interview with Byron Coley. Not necessarily in that order. Thanks for sticking around. And if anyone want to give the gift of The People’s Format for the holiday, head over to the Loki Label who should have some new stuff out soon. See you real soon.