January’s almost over, must be time for the Editor to crank up the mainframe and post the 2017 Year End Wrap Up from the staff. Hell of a year, huh? There’s not much to ramble on about that I don’t cover in the intro, but lets just sum it up and say Termbo will live again into 2018 and possibly beyond and the editor is trying his hardest to make it all work better. We’ll see what happens, but I can tell you that those long awaited reviews are coming very soon as well as some interviews we have stacked up as well. Hope you find something of interest in these pages (I know I did – how did I miss that Heron Oblivion LP?!?!?) and remember there is ALWAYS good new music out there if you take the time to look around. Thanks as always to all the readers and lurkers out there, thanks to everyone still using the Termboard, thanks to all the labels/bands for sending us stuff and not surrounding Termbo HQ like those villagers did to Frankenstein, and thanks to the staff for hanging in there with me. I’m really trying, I swear. We’ll be back soon.