Fuuuuck. It’s May already? Things just aren’t going right here. Here are the first batch of reviews I promised weeks…months…ago. Part A of 3. I apologize once again to all labels and bands sending materials, the staff is working overtime as we speak to catch up on the “To Do” pile. We have another page typed up and ready for graphics, so look for that soon. I mixed some embarrassingly old and shockingly new releases for this section, so if you don’t see all (or any) of your records in this update, please rest assured they are coming. Thanks again to everyone involved, staff and labels/bands. I’m doing my best to keep up here, and doing a typically terrible job. Next update will be up before the Pain in the Big Neck IV fest weekend (May 29-30 here in Buffalo), I will guarantee that. Possible format changes coming…maybe going back to a quarterly “issue” format. Maybe bring back Old Yeller. Who knows. Send us some feedback. And send us some content too! Interviews upcoming: Grave Blankets, Ooga Boogas, Yolks and more…..see ya soon. Reviews are here.

3 thoughts on “SPRING REVIEWS 2009 (A)

  1. It is important to have a change of pace. For instance, lots of old Japanese hardcore records. With some effort, termbo could become synonymous (sp?, like a synonym) with Japanese hardcore, which would be a good reasorce. For instance, that pants thing. Plus more detailed artical of AR’s female masturbation fantasies. Could make a regular feature. People would be thrilled.

  2. I thought the reviews of the Reports and the Personal and the Pizzas 1st were spot on accurate evaluations. And both of these discs really work for me. I never bought any Sha Na Na records, so I feel this comment is selling the Pizza’s record a bit short. The spoken intros are humorous and add a low class cool to the great punk/rhythm/rave. Total fun and great rock tunes. I recommend the reissue to anyone. As for the Reports disc, well it sounds real good to me and is on my to purchase list. The fact that folks will ignore this sucks because the single is an easy add and right fine.

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